Take at look at our two trainings. Each one can be provide in three languages (english, german and french)..


Participants learn from the business purpose to the how-to install, use and maintain PowerBroker. In addition attendee will be able to write hands-on are mixed during the two days.

Course contents

  • Introduction to the software PowerBroker
  • Components, files and directories
  • Installation procedure
  • Administrations tasks
  • Security policy
  • Programming language
  • Troubleshooting

Solaris Security

This three days course address every aspects of Solaris security. Participants learn all security technologies in Solaris10 in depth. In addition Solaris to theory, hands-on shows practical solutions to configure the OS to be more secure. Trusted Extension are not part of this course.

Course contents

  • Introduction to security and security architecture
  • Security management, compliance
  • Installation procedure and minimization
  • Solaris 10 :
    1. OS Security Technologies
    2. Network Security Technologies
    3. Security Best Practices
  • Security polica
  • Programming language
  • Troubleshooting