Carreer overview

  • 1994 – 1997 Dr Materna GmbH employee in software development
  • 1997 – 1999 Arcor AG employee as administrator for internet services
  • 1999 – 2005 Sun Microsystems as IT architect for professional services
  • 2005 – Freelance consultant for various european customers

Diplomas and training

  • Maîtrise Informatique Université Pierre&Marie Curie Paris
  • Certified Solaris10 Administrator
  • Certified Solaris10 Security Administrator


  • Platform Solaris***, Linux** ,HP_UX*, AIX*, Windows*
  • Solaris Sun Cluster**, Trusted Solaris**,SunRay**, Security***, Zone***, LDOM**, ZFS***, LU***, SMF**
  • Oracle Software Oracle-DB*, Weblogic** ,Web/Proxy-Server***, CMS**, LDAP-Server***, RMAN*, SunMC*
  • Software Legato*, TSM*, AXWAY Transfer**, Diamos*, Arena*
  • Security PowerBroker***, PKI**, JASS***, Nessus**, SSH**, Snort**, Nmap**, Sourcefire*, IP-Filter
  • Method/Standard Consolidation**, ESA**, BS7799*, BSI GSHB**, ITIL*
  • Programming Shell***, Perl**, C*, Javascript*
  • Network TCP/IP**, IP-Sec**, VLAN*, Alteon Loadbalancer***
*=Basic Knowhow, **= Advanced-Knowhow, ***=In-Depth-Knowhow

Freelancer projects

  • 12/2009 – today Frankfurter Fondbank, Offenbach, Germany
    • Administrator (Oracle-DB, Weblogic, OS)
    • Migration to HA environment based on SunCluster
    • Backup migration to RMAN
    • SAN migration conception and implementation
    • DataCenter migration (application and data)
  • 10/2006 – 12/2009 BHF Bank, Frankfurt, Germany
    • Conception and implementation for a consolidation project based on Solaris-Zones, LDOM, M9000 and SunCluster
    • Framework definition and coding for Arena supervision
    • Framework definition and coding for Diamos supervision
    • Security consultant
  • 08/2006 – 10/2006 Bearingpoint, Paris, France
    • Security consulting and coaching for major proposal
    • Support in the bid process
  • 07/2006 Pictet, Genf, Switzerland
    • Architecture Workshop and POC for PowerBroker
    • Training conception and realization
  • 02/2005 – 06/2006 BHF Bank, Frankfurt, Germany
    • Framework definition and implementation (Perl) for AXWAY Transfer platform
    • Conception for migration to Solaris10/Zones
  • 08/2005 RZ Finanzverwaltung NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Security Workshop


Mr Lars Rottler: Director of Sales Beyond Trust
Mr Manfred Meyer: Gruppenleiter BHF Bank
Please contact me to obtain the contact details of the persons mentioned above.

Permanent position projects

  • 06/1999 – 01/2005 SUN Microsystems, Germany
    • Security assessment and recommendation for Commerzbank
    • Security technical lead (Security champion) for Sun Professional Services Germany
    • Project leader and co-autor of a firewall study for the german govermnent.
    • Design and implementation of mutliple firewall architectures based on fw-1 and sunscreen.
    • Enterprise Security Assessment (ESA) implementation for Dresdner Bank
    • PKI integration using CMS and apache
    • Implementation of SDN architecture for PwC
    • Definition and implementation of an auditing strategy for Bundesbank. Developement of tools for audit-trail analysis
    • Co-autor of the security policy for PwC
    • Authored and delivered individual security training
    • Design and implementation of a security separation for Solaris based on PowerBroker and RBAC for BHF Bank.
    • Batch-job integration into an enterprise wide scheduler
  • 08/1997 – 05/1999 Mannesman Arcor(now Vodafone), Germany
    • Managed and admistered the corporate webservers on Solaris (apache and netscape)
    • Sysadmin of the infosystem servers on Solaris (mail, dns, proxy, news)
    • Designed and implemented the DMZ (cisco router, firewall)
    • Defined security policy for DMZ system
  • 07/1994 – 06/1997 Dr Materna GmbH, Germany
    • Developed client/server applications on Solaris (C, SQL, Motif, Shell, Java)


Mr R. Weyrauch : Senior Manager Sales Consulting Oracle